Beach Care

We are a group of volunteers connected to our sister organisation Newquay Marine Group. We are a project Supported by Keep Britain Tidy.

Our primary aims are:

  • To remove marine litter from our local beaches.
  • To educate and raise awareness members, locals and tourists around the pressures the marine environment faces due to marine debris.
  • To run projects that tackle these issues.
  • To collect data on marine litter for scientific research.

We do this by:

  • Organising monthly beach cleans throughout the year which can be found in the events calendar. We provide all the equipment, a friendly atmosphere and free cake to everyone who helps! Look out for a post on our facebook page and just turn up and take part.
  • We also respond to environmental or community needs by organising flash mob beach cleans as requested from local people.
  • Marine debris that we collect are recorded and sent to a variety of organisations (SAS, Beach Care, MCS) that use it for their long term studies.


To read further how we achieved this, click on the link below to read Newquay Beach Care’s annual reports:

A summary of beach cleans feb 2015-feb 2016 original

A summary of beach cleans from February 2016 – February 2017

A summary of beach cleans from February 2017- February 2018

A summary of beach cleans from February 2018- February 2019

A summary of beach cleans from February 2019- February 2020

We hope, over the years, to work with local businesses to reduce plastic and polystyrene packaging- helping to solve Newquay’s litter problem at source. We envisage reducing the amount of litter by using a scheme where local fast food outlets are offered an opportunity to look at their use of packaging and plastics and encouraged to use sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. We also fully support the Refill campaign – offering free water (and hopefully hot drinks at a later date) to those who bring their own cup.

Some of our achievements have been:

  • Newquay beach care and local artisits Karandave produced 30 pooh signs which were put up at local beaches.


  • We traced marine litter (promotional balloons) and contacted their origins. These businesses are now aware of the impact that balloons have in the marine environment and no longer use them.
  • We supported Councillor James Mustoe in his proposal to introduce a ban of balloon and lantern releases in Cornwall- which went through!


  • We provide free equipment to other beach clean groups, helping them to set up and begin organising their own events. We have worked with the SAS, the Newquay Police and community groups including the newly hatched Mawgan Porth group.
  • A documentary film maker joined us from London in 2017.  Monika has completed a film that features the group and its volunteers. She is hoping to get it screened at a few festivals in 2018 and we hope she may show it here in Newquay too.
  • Trawling for plastic. We are in the early stages of a project proposal in collaboration with other organisations to trawl Newquay Bay and other areas of the coastline for micro plastics. This is a really exciting project – more info to come!
  • We are not shy about questioning the ethics of businesses – Trewlawney Garden Centre was selling dried sea stars from the Phillippines. Asking them why and explaining the issues these products bring to light, we are pleased to say that they have stopped their supply of these and will look at changing their stock policy. Well done! If you see something around town that you are unsure about or that concerns you, let us know. We might be able to help…

Who we work with.

  • Keep Britain Tidy
  • Cornwall College (Newquay Campus)
  • Cornwall Wildlife Trust
  • CORY Environmental
  • Cornwall Council
  • Cornwall Seal Group
  • Blue Reef Aquarium
  • Surfers Against Sewage
  • Marine Conservation Society

We believe ‘every beach clean is more than just a drop in the ocean’


In 2016, a sub group of the Marine Groups around Cornwall set up the Cornwall Plastic Pollution Coalition (CPPC) – the aim was to join forces bringing a stronger voice to organisations or companies who were causing undue pollution. Letters would be drafted and sent to a number of organisations and the results have been so successful. Not only is the plan to reduce the amount of plastic but the Coalition is looking at a bottle deposit scheme around Cornwall and has actually changed the policies of some local councils and huge organisations! (Well done Virgin!)

The first report about the release of Balloons around Cornwall can be view here: Just a Balloon Report Jan 2017

Isn’t this a fab (but disturbing) photo…


Thank you to our new Business Sponsor – the Beresford Hotel!

Managers and staff from the Bay Beresford Hotel joined us at the Gannel Beach Clean in March 2017 where they presented us with a big cheque! As well as money that will go straight back into our funds for the upcoming summer events, they presented us with walkie-talkies (really helpful when cleaning a huge beach) and some sieves to carry on our nurdle and microplastic work. Thank you guys and we hope to work with you more over the next year!