Find out the up to date project information below – we have been busy and there is loads more to do – we always need extra help so come on down and join us!…. Have a read and get in touch 🙂

We work with a huge variety of other businesses, charities and organisations who have the same passion as us – to shout about the incredible marine environment we have here in Newquay. Have a look at who have supported us.

Did you know that Newquay and the Gannel are designated as a Marine Conservation Zone!? 

With the help of membership, local fundraising and generous donations, Newquay Marine Group has been working on a series of projects over the last few years. We are grateful to our volunteers who work with us whatever the weather and we are always looking for anyone who would like to get involved.

 Our projects

  1. Beach cleaning – Joining forces with our sister group Newquay Beach Care we organise monthly beach cleans throughout the year. We provide all the equipment, a friendly atmosphere and free cake to everyone who helps! Look out for a post on Newquay Beach Care or Newquay Marine Group Facebook pages and just turn up and take part.

MCS beachclean

  • Flash mob beach cleans –We are happy to put a call to action on our social media channels if any beach is in need, especially after heavy storms. We have done a few already including on Great Western Beach after the rockfall made the road impassable. With the help of some fabulous volunteers and CORMAC who joined us with a dumper truck we cleared the overflowing bins.

Bins on Great Western

  • Free the Bothwick Trolley campaign in 2015 saw a group of volunteers head down to the Towan Island to free several trolleys that had been uncovered after the heavy storms in the winter. The trolleys were from Somerfield which closed several years ago showing how long they had been there!


  • The dog pooh fairy – in 2015 Newquay Beach Care worked with local artists and a national organisation to install biodegradable dog pooh signs in a Newquay Wide Campaign. The signs were designed by Karandave and funded by Keep Britain Tidy to deter fouling on the beach, reducing the amount picked during beach cleans. These were displayed on beaches and along the coastal footpath. The signs received positive feedback from the press and via facebook comments to our page. These are still available to buy if the dog fairy needs to visit you!
Newquay Marine Group 11
Credit Neil Wilkinson
Credit Neil Wilkinson
Credit Neil Wilkinson
  1. Events and Activities – we organise a variety of different talks during the Autumn and Winter. Speakers have included: Maya Plas, David Jones, Richard Peirce, Paul Naylor and a variety of Professors with a wealth of knowledge. The talks are based at Cornwall College and are open to all. Free to members and all we ask is a donation from non members. In 2018, we also began a series of film nights based at Ocean Surf Lodge with internationally renowned surf and ocean films. We hope to continue these throughout the Autumn/Winter season.


  • Activities – shore surveys, snorkels, dives, rockpool rambles, wildlife boat trips, Seaquest Sundays, walks, plankton discovery days, crabbing and social get togethers including tours of the Blue Reef Aquarium, BBQs and evenings in the pub!
Credit Neil Wilkinson
Credit Neil Wilkinson
  • Events – the annual fish festival based at the Newquay harbour, charity events, Cornwall’s Volunteer Marine Conservation Area groups, college and school open days and national campaign days. We are always happy to come and join in any event

ff 2014 stall

  1. The Beach Rangers – In 2016 we began a collaboration with Cornwall college and Seachangers to set up Beach Rangers, a group of marine students based on Towan Beach during the summer to engage with tourists and locals alike about the wonders of the Newquay coastline. The project lasted 2 years and included activities for all ages. Did you have a go at rockpool bingo, learn about the animals we have in our seas and issues we face with litter and plastics and what you can do to help?! beachrangers leaflet. The project unfortunately will not be continued through 2018 although we would love it to – getting enough time to do an event with everyone’s busy schedule was difficult!


  1. The litter campaign – Also in collaboration with Seachangers, the litter campaign will aim to work with Newquay Businesses to use more sustainable packaging to reduce the amount of litter on our streets. It is an exciting project where we want to hear from YOU if you are doing great things with sustainable packaging! Keep an eye out for our articles in the Newquay Voice and a poster campaign!

After we sent out the letter in 2016, we had some really interesting feedback and realised that the conversation is more complicated than black and white – good and bad. SO last week we resent the letters and gave it a bit more of a push. Our fab friend Lucy who runs a PR company got the story in to 3 newspapers – you might have seen it?

The story went viral and we have had interest from a range of people including our MP and the Executive Director of the Foodservice Packaging Association. 

Its not about shaming – its about understanding the reasons behind and problems with the packaging we use – in the hope we can start talking (as a community) about options and ways of doing things better so that the coast and beaches are as litter free as possible…

If you have any questions or stories or queries – please do contact us. A copy of the letter we have sent out can be downloaded here… Polystyrene Letter-2

However, what did happen as a result of this as well as the wonderful Blue Planet series on BBC1, was the set up of a new group – Plastic Free Newquay.

  1. Citizen Science – giving the public opportunities to collect data for a number of projects, Newquay Marine Group has joined up with a variety of organisations on a variety of topics. These include:
  • Ghost Netting (in association with The Cornwall Seal Group)
  • Stranded marine animals (Cornwall Wildlife Trust Strandings Network)
  • Seal population and wildlife surveys (Cornwall Seal Group and Newquay Sea Safaris)
  • Beach Litter (Newquay Beach Care and Keep Britain Tidy)
  • Land based sea surveys and intertidal wildlife surveys (Cornwall Wildlife Trust Shore Search and Seaquest)
  • Microplastics project in conjunction with Newquay Sea Safaris, St Agnes Marine Conservation Group, Polzeath Marine Group and Cornwall Seal Group and Research Trust.

This Microplastics work has now become an actual practical working project for the group. Trawlshare has seen 12 trawls so far completed, ongoing funding for another year and a really passionate group of volunteers who brave the seas to collect tiny pieces of plastic and then analyse it under a microscope! The work has been documented fully in our Blog Section. Have a read!

Credit Sue Sayer
Credit Sue Sayer
  1. Resources – Bringing together a set of links and resources available to all including links to important organisations, hotlines, marine species ID guides, and infographics on survey results and findings. Have a look at our Supporters and Links page for bits and pieces we have bought together in one helpful spot.

New Projects:

1.Harbour Heights

Harbour Heights is a terraced viewing area with seats, perched on South Quay Hill overlooking the harbour. It also provides steps down to the harbour area (and up!).

The view is superb from here, across the bustling harbour where you may even spot a resident seal or two and out into Newquay bay. The view takes in all the boats and surfers and activity on Towan Beach. It has always been a popular area for locals and tourists and a great spot to eat fish and chips, or to just rest a while and take it all in.

However, this area has been neglected and has recently fallen into disrepair. With money awarded by Cornwall Council and the generous help and expertise of CORMAC, a regeneration project began this year and has seen new flooring by Oltco, a good lick of paint and some vegetation clearing as well as some new interpretation boards and lots and lots of flowers!! The benches will be in soon and have all been revarnished… its going to be and going to look amazing!


Refill – #RefillCornwall and #RefillCornwall is HERE!

Single-use plastic bottles are expensive to produce, use up valuable natural resources to make and transport and create mountains and mountains of waste once we’ve gulped down the contents. And recycling’s not the answer either, here in the UK an estimated 800 plastic bottles a MINUTE are either ending up in landfill or as litter, which will too often make its way into our waterways and out to sea.

Refill aims to reduce this huge number one bottle at a time! A national campaign, Refill is a practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your own reusable bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points on every street. Friendly cafes, shops, hotels and businesses are welcoming you in to refill your water bottle – for free!

Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses simply put a sticker in their window – alerting passers-by to the fact they’re welcome to come on in and fill up their bottle – for free!

Refill is already in Bristol, Dorset, Devon, Bath and Bradford-on-Avon. Cornwall is next!! It is already in Bude and with the help of Keep Britain Tidy, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and City to Sea, Refill Cornwall will be ready for the summer!

Newquay Marine Group will be leading Refill Newquay. We have the posters, leaflets, window stickers and bottles and are ready to launch!

We already have a growing list of refill stations and we want you! If you would like to join the Refill campaign then let us know – If you would like to sell our bottles then even better! (all proceeds go back into NMG for the next batch if bottles so that we can keep the momentum going)

3.Newquay Cleaner Seas

Newquay Marine Group are now involved in the Cleaner Seas Project!!

PBWP-No-Drainer-Logo Yellow Fish CMYK

In partnership with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust (CWT) and Environment Agency (EA) the National Cleaner Seas scheme is now in Newquay. Concentrating on the Porth Catchment (which extends all the way from Porth Beach, up to Kingsley Village, taking in Fraddon, Indian Queens and St Columb) The objective of the project is to:

Raise public and business awareness of poor drainage and waste disposal practices that causes blockages, leaks and overflows that result in polluted drainage water reaching bathing beaches.

This can be divided into 3 specific areas:

  1. Fats, oils and grease (FOGs) from restaurants, cafes and hotels
  2. Only the 3Ps down the drain for hotels, lodges and campsites.
  3. Only rain down the drain – using the yellow fish campaign for publicity and school engagement.

The ‘Yellow Fish’ Campaign is simple and effective that sees NMG working with local schools and preschools, stencilling yellow fish symbols beside drains to remind people that any waste entering them can end up in our marine environment where it affects our amazing wildlife and coastline.

Look out for yellow fish popping up next to rainwater drains in your area. Some of them may even appear over night! ‘Only Rain Down The Drain’ and ‘It’s A No Drainer’ are terms the team will use to help spread the message about being mindful of what we put down our drains, as some of them connect straight to the sea.

It is hoped that this initiative will improve the quality of bathing water in some areas and also remind the public that everyone has a part to play in protecting the seas, beaches and marine life.

Now that the busy season is over and after working a lot with the schools (although we hope to engage with a few more in the coming months) the project’s next phase is to engage businesses about FOGs and the 3Ps… We have started to get in contact with campsites in the area and hotels where we can help with free materials to help get the message across to staff and guests. We can also help with drain surveys and advice should you need it.

Until then – have a read and download our posters for more information.

We have already had such a lot of publicity but we want to do more – if you know of or work at a business that would like to get involved please send us an email at  All Discussions are confidential and all materials are free!

  • Small Wonders Nursery
  • Treviglas School
  • Blue School
  • Park Dean – Newquay Holiday Resort

 4.ART art art

Have you visited the whale in Bristol? Well we have our own resident artist. Sue Foster works tirelessly and creatively making amazing art pieces from beach litter. Have a look at the fantastic commissioned pieces she did for the group in 2017. A detailed diary of the art work can be found in our Blog