Lots Going On

I love Spring! It regenerates the mind, body and soul and suddenly things really do spring into action!

Together with Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing https://www.newquayseasafarisandfishing.co.uk/ and with permission from The Harbour Master, we have installed two Crab Line Recycling Bins on Newquay Harbour. One on North Quay and one on South Quay. The idea came from Looe Voluntary Marine Conservation Group http://looemarineconservation.org/ who supplied us with the hand made bins. The bins will be emptied and sorted regularly and nearly all of the used crabbing equipment will be sent for recycling, by Odyssey Innovation https://www.odysseyinnovation.com/marine-plastic-recycling. Helping to create a closed loop recycling system.

In other news, a new cetacean listening and recording device has been deployed off Newquay (by Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing). The device is called an F-POD and has already started to collect data which will be backed up by Newquay Marine Group volunteers conducting land based watches (please contact us if interested). This important project aims to monitor the marine wildlife in the designated Marine Conservation Zone we have in our seas around Newquay. We are proud to be involved.