In October 2016 Sue Foster was commissioned by Newquay Marine Group and Newquay Beach Care to work on a piece of artwork using marine debris. The group felt this would be an effective, visual way to raise awareness of marine debris and the profile of the group.

She then also created (very generously) another piece for us made entirely of metal! The fabulous metal fish, made from pieces found on the Harbour Beach is currently being exhibited at Dairyland.


For the piece, Sue completed over 100 beach cleans collecting what she found and keeping a log of it all for us. concentrating on the local town beaches, she found a huge variety of things that was quite recent litter as well as some old flotsam and jetsam.

The photos below include nurdles (Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the same size of a lentil. They are the base products that plastics are made from. Countless billions are used each year but many end up washing up on our shores. This is a big problem and there are surveys on these as well as projects. Have a look at our beach clean page for more details. Remember also you can report nurdles along with the date, location and number found at


Not only do we have great pieces of art – we also have data. Which is so important for ongoing work and conservation effort and which has been added to the data and reports we collate through Newquay Beach Care.