Beach Care

We are the beach cleaning arm of Newquay Marine Group and  a project supported by Keep Britain Tidy.

We believe every beach clean is much more than just a drop in the ocean.


To date (February 2020), we have removed just over 3 tonnes of waste from our local beaches.

Our primary aims are:

  • To remove marine litter from our local beaches.
  • To engage NMG members, local residents and tourists and raise awareness around the pressures the marine environment faces due to marine debris.
  • To run projects that tackle these issues.
  • To collect data on marine litter for scientific research.
  • To work with other like minded groups to achieve these goals.

We do this by:

  • Organising monthly beach cleans throughout the year which can be found here:  and in the events calendar . We provide all the equipment, a friendly atmosphere and free cake to everyone who helps! Look out for a post on our Facebook page (Newquay Beach Care)  and just turn up and take part.
  • Responding to environmental or community needs by organising flash mob beach cleans as requested from local people.
  • Recording data about the marine debris we collect for long term studies by other parties.
  • Offering workshops to schools.
  • Offering our beach cleaning kit for loan to other groups.


To read further how we achieved this, click on the link below to read Newquay Beach Care’s annual reports:

A summary of beach cleans feb 2015-feb 2016 original

A summary of beach cleans from February 2016 – February 2017

A summary of beach cleans from February 2017- February 2018

A summary of beach cleans from February 2018- February 2019

A summary of beach cleans from February 2019- February 2020

A summary of beach cleans from February 2020- February 2021

Relevant Apps.

We  fully support the Refill campaign – Where local businesses offer free water to those who bring their own refillable water bottle. Newquay Marine Group and Newquay Beach Care helped to bring Refill to Newquay. We have signed up around 50 shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels where you can refill. Download the free Refill app to find out more and help reduce single use plastic.


We also support and promote the Tidal Revival app. This is a free app that motivates people to clean beaches through the reward of discounted product and service offerings.


Read about some of our projects.

Click on the links to find out about some of the work we have done.

  • Newquay beach care and local artists Karandave produced 30 pooh signs which were put up at local beaches.
  • Trawling for plastic. We are now two years into a project  in collaboration with other organisations to trawl Newquay Bay and other areas of the coastline for micro plastics. We are called The Cornwall Marine Microplastics Researchers. This is a really exciting project. Click here  to read more.
  • Whale at Whipsiderry. Click here to read more.


Who we work with:

  • Keep Britain Tidy Here 
  • Sea-Changers Here
  • Clean Cornwall Here
  • Cornwall College (Newquay Campus) Here
  • Cornwall Wildlife Trust Here
  • Newquay Sea Safaris And Fishing Here
  • The Beresford Hotel Here
  • Plastic Free Newquay Here
  • Land and Sea Cornwall Here
  • Cornwall Council Here
  • Cornwall Seal Group Here
  • Blue Reef Aquarium Here
  • Surfers Against Sewage Here
  • Marine Conservation Society Here

Cornwall Plastic Pollution Coalition.

In 2016, a sub group of the Marine Groups around Cornwall set up the Cornwall Plastic Pollution Coalition (CPPC) – the aim is to join forces bringing a stronger voice to organisations or companies who are causing undue pollution. Letters can be drafted and sent to a number of organisations and the results have been very successful. Not only is the plan to reduce the amount of plastic but the Coalition is looking at a bottle deposit scheme around Cornwall and has actually changed the policies of some local councils and huge organisations! (Well done Virgin!).We are very proud to be part of and contribute to the CPPC

The first report about the release of Balloons around Cornwall can be view here: Just a Balloon Report Jan 2017