Angling Line Bins

Some of you may have seen these bins dotted around the Newquay coastline.

They were not an NMG project but we did lend our support to the group who set them up.

We were concerned that they were no longer being emptied so members went out and had a look at them. We’ve emptied them all and had a look at what was inside. We were worried they were being used as general rubbish bins by the public, but actually, apart from a couple of items, it was mostly fishing line we found. We are encouraged to know they are being used for what they were designed and intended for!


Fishing line can really harm marine life and in fact surfers too. It can get wrapped around a surfer or a seal for example and cause serious injury.

We will hopefully be working on an angling leaflet alongside the Cornwall coastal code group as well as working with the fishing shops in town and a national company who recycles the line… more to follow…