Working with Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

Recycle your fishing line here! We are pleased to announce we are working with Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme to try and encourage more line to be recycled and not discarded

Every year million of metres of line is discarded in the UK and it can take 600 years for some kinds of monofilament to degrade in landfill. Discarded line can also pose a real threat to wildlife which worries us, but we are trying to change this in Newquay by working with ANLRS and with advice from local anglers and angling shop Sling Your Hook

New angling bin at Fly Cellars

In addition to our other angling line recycling bins (Little Fistral and on the rocks below The Esplanade) we have now installed another one at the Fly Cellars. This follows concerns highlighted to us by the public about wildlife in this area and also because this spot has been a litter grot spot this summer, with a lot of angling type litter found during NMG litter picks. We will check and empty all of the angling bins regularly and the angling line will be sent to ANLRS for recycling.

Little Fistral angling bin.

We are also working in collaboration with other groups to produce a leaflet for anglers with some best practice tips in. Watch this space! Many thanks to Will and Sheila for putting this angling bin up for us. Please spread the word.